Bombur wood bookcase display and storage

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Whether you own a Plant store or you just love plants for your home, you need this Bamboo Wood 5-Tier Versatile Bookcase Plant Stand Storage rack. It is Brand new and high quality. Additionally, it is crafted with Environmental material.      The five-tier shelves provide enough Storage space for All of the plants that you adore. The case has Durable and solid construction as well. There is Perfect detail in the workmanship.      For those of you that hate heavy lifting, it is Lightweight and easy to move. It is also easy to clean with its smooth surface. The Bookcase for plants is Waterproof and moisture-proof. It has a large weight capacity too, so you can fit your whole collection on it. Imagine having a literal wall of plants. It is so healthy to breathe in the air that is being purified by these plants.       You can really place the Bookcase anywhere. It is perfect for a bathroom, living room, balcony, or a kitchen etc. All of these spots can benefit from the beautiful decor that plants have to give. Also, if you keep them All in one place, it is easier to remember to water them all.      There will be an Assembly requirement as well. All the parts are included so you should be able to set it up with no extra help. It is a Bamboo color and has Bamboo material. In total, the Bookcase weighs 88 pounds, so it is still quite hefty.     You will thoroughly benefit from owning this bookcase. It is well crafted and you will be able to do a lot with it. Anyone who has been meaning to purchase a Bookcase for a while will enjoy this one that is of excellent quality. Splurge this post-quarantine season and get yourself a decor treat for the eyes.

Bamboo Wood 5-Tier Versatile Bookcase Plant Stand Storage Rack Free Shipping in the USA & No Tax

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