Brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush what’s the difference

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Gonna straighten you how to brush your teeth and how to remove the bulk of the pack 30 and also the final cleaning of removing plaque from in between your teeth you can either choose to use it and you can be advised by your dentist which one is best for you it can also be your preference of which one you prefer so they were completely differently with the manual you have to do all the work yourself where is with the electric gary’s first I can show you how to use a manual toothbrush what you need to do is hold the brush between your teeth a new guns and move in short sharp actions forward and back and then work your way around the outer edge of the teeth then it’s important to brush the fighting surface is of the teeth and finally it’s important to move your tongue out of the way and brush at that level where the teeth me if it comes all the way along so when do you like tricked toothbrush very important that you read the instructions the toothbrush comes with some of the orbeez have a 2 minute timer and they stop after 2 minutes and other ones will show you when you’re pushing too hard what its way out of 45 degree angle between the teeth in the gums following me enough to me every single tooth once you come along to the sensor it is important to go along the fight pushcha time out of the way to move the brush in between weather teeth mizzah gums and again you would go on to the next corner rushing along the outside now I’m rushing along with biting surface and then rushing along the level yes I