Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor, Silver

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Food processors

4 different shopping tests we made mirepoix which is that mixture of carrots onions and celery the flavors so many soups and stews in this life we minced parsley we ground almonds and we chopped up Rob beef with butter to make hamburger meat from your pool you want even Chris because then you want to uniform size creates some of these were able to do that some give us like a vegetable slushy that was pretty disappointing that had to do with 2 different factors the first second or 2 some of these machines would stop spinning the blade the second testers removed their fingers from the pulse button other ones would continue spinning for another second or 2 doesn’t sound like a big deal a second or 2 but when you consider that add another second on top of that you get like 100% more processing then you want so you get that slushy kind of texture is the distance between the blade and the side of the bowl and the bottom of the bowl in our lineup that distance range from 3 MM to 10 millimeters yes we measured it tighter tolerances mean there’s more contact between the blade in the food and you get cressbrook cuts let’s move into slicing those tests were russet potatoes and ripe plum tomatoes and we’re gonna do a little testing right here and now