How to keep your hardwood floor with beautiful sheen

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Hardwood floors in the foyer and in the dining room my home   and usually once a month I clean them thoroughly so the first thing that I do with him showing you here is dust mopping the floors and this month that I used in some micro fiber and once your done throw it into the wash machine but I’m just making sure that I does the way in gather any debris that may have come in or somewhere shoes for any does and I’m just gonna dust mop both of these areas now I’m going to dampm sop mop floor I love this contraption here gonna something like ashtar from alleys and actually there is a canal at the bottom where the water is in there’s a spinner it there so you can print spannen ring out the mob to get the water saturated through the amount paid and then the top part you pump the handle of the month and it rings at all drive so my mom here is one thing you have to be careful about when your mopping water on your hardwood floors that you get a lot of water on your clothes because your floors but warm and sleeping too much money for these floors to mess them up so as you see I am taking my mom that has micro fiber crystals are in there and I’m just going over my floor now what I have in that end in my water is just simply water and a little bit of dawn soap just a little bit so now my floor is drying and never let it dry ! Then I would use a floor is pray prej orange oil rate on the floor, do not spray a lot at one time make sure it’s just a sprinkle, if you sprayed too much in one spot it would leave is stained so just make sure you do not put too much spray in one spot! Then take a dry mop and use it like how your mopping the floor just take the mop and spread the oil all over the floor. let it dry in for a little while before you walking on the floor. you will have a beautiful finish, you just need to do this once a month!