How to take care of clutter in your garage

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How to keep your garage looking in order. Space T unorganized, when you need to find something you know where to go get it, you do not have to go through all the clutter in to find what you’re looking for!

Every garage door in America I guarantee you will open it up to find this pile the unorganized junk Hey guys what’s up sorry to So what do you do when you have a garage that will take this poll if you’re like me the first thing you think is clean it and organize it right and how do you organize it to show you how to do it clean it and organize it so to get started with getting your garage in the order I recommend you move everything out even if it’s just from one section or one side just totally to cover that area you have to do the whole garage seriously you don’t have to make sure that you’re starting with just one small area and you can work your way throughout the whole month to get the whole garage done!

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