Maibet Portable Garment Steamer, Mini Handheld Fabric

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Ched@ metro Nobody likes wrinkled clothing but what’s the best way to remove those wrinkles is in an iron or is steamer let’s find out it’s great to see you and as always I’m glad that you’re here listen today we’re gonna go over 2 methods of removing wrinkles from your clothing first method of course is a traditional iron and ironing board and secondly were gonna go over using a handheld steamer now I know that there’s a lot of opinions about this some prefer one over the other personally I’m in iron guy I like that however I do own a handheld steamer that I used primarily for suit jackets in sport coats like I mentioned I like using a traditional iron the best but let’s get into both I’ll show you how I use both and will see which one is best for you so the first thing that you should know when using the steamer really have any sort water distilled water doesn’t have the minerals in it and this will ruin and clog your steamer and that way your semer will work for a super long time using was from  I think it was like   $27 just a little handheld one and you can see that the into it it absolutely does worse if you have a really tough area with a lot of deep set wrinkles still need to hold the steamer on that area for 10 to 20 seconds to loosen up this fabric and relax those wrinkles learn is if you start at the bottom of the garment and go up to be a little more efficient because this team is rising area that you are about to be working on but anyway yes steemers do work they worked really well the major downside is that they won’t give you creases they don’t press primettes is basically just going to remove wrinkles is not going to or any press marks into your garment like for example please on the back of your shirt or please or seems increases down the top of your sleeves it was do that but absolutely will remove wrinkles from now moving on to the traditional I feel like I’m fairly efficient I use an iron almost daily depending on what I’m wearing I have a pretty good system down I can get the shirt done I think a lot quicker than I can with this steamer that you can’t control where the creases go for example on the back of the shirt where there’s some cleats is keep it to recreate those please make sure those are nice other area is around the buttons you get in there a lot nicer is round the clock at area to get it nice and pressed keep in mind that these 2 shirts are exactly the same brand there just 2 completely different colors so I’m using the blue shirt astene I’m using this sort of pink purple shirt as the iron demonstration I want them one other thing to note ….ust like in the hairstyling video I’d