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Melamine hard plastic is basically a form of material made by combining resin and a couple of strengthening chemicals to form an end product that can be used to make various household items.

It can be manufactured in a variety of colors, textures, shapes to suit a particular theme or occasion.

The chemical composition of the melamine hard plastic has been approved by various agencies such as FDA as fit for human use as there will be no mix up with the food in it, unlike other essential plastics unless it is heated over 150 degrees Celsius.


Melamine hard plastic is generally used to manufacture Melamine dinnerware for use in households and restaurants. It can also be used in flower vases or other kitchenware


This is a set of utensils compose of cups, plate, spoons, bowls, chopsticks, and knives


Their ability to come in amicable textures and durability makes them easily washable and can dry very fast, even in a humid environment, unlike other kitchen materials. They are also heat resistant and can withstand the usual heat used in dishwashing. However, temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius should be avoided as this may detach the chemical composition and contaminate the food inside. Melamine dinnerware is also not easily breakable, therefore making your replacement rate very low. Its ability to keep food in its warm or hot status for a long time is also an advantage. The good thing about it is this hot temperature will not be felt from the outside surface. This insulating property makes it the best dinnerware material of choice. The same property makes it suitable for use with soup spoon as heat will not be felt to the user while stirring. Affordability is also one of the reasons to go for it since it comes as a whole set; you will avoid buying different items for different prices. It’s also ecofriendly as the broken particles can be crushed and the fine powder recycled to produce fillers that can be used in the adhesive and industrial coating. Their sparkling attraction makes them easily displayable in the living room especially in a china cabinet


You can show off the various styles, texture, and colors of your dinnerware by starting with the heaviest and tallest items going in first and from left to right. Other items, such as the dishes, cups that are used on a daily basis, will come in the middle part of the cabinet. The largest dinner plates to stay at the back. Plates and cup holders are necessary to achieve this presentation. The saucer plate will then take the front row. Display lights in the cabinet will help to achieve a high level of attraction


For restaurants, home kitchen and other household appliance, Melamine dinnerware are the best for serving, cooking, and displays. For conveniences, cost-friendly, durability, attraction, and eco-friendly, go for it!