Old World Versus New World Decor

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Home decor is a much celebrated part of being a home owner. Even in rental properties, people feel a lot more at home when they decorate accordingly. Each place will have a unique flair that requires a certain precision in picking out the ornamentation.

Before choosing home decor, think to yourself “what vibe does the bare bones of this room give me?” The naked structure of a place will tell you a lot about its potential. You cannot make a vintage looking home look modern with decor unless you want a fusion of old and new themes. Those cross over’s work, but keep in mind that you will always be trying to make a heritage home look modern. The cross over will generally show.

It might be better to give the room a style that suits it. If it is an older home, then you can try bold color themes. You might want to go with striking color combinations. For example, you can liven up a bedroom for a female by painting the night table purple. Then go with purple bed sheets. Finally, choose a bright accent color for the curtains. The entire theme will look polished and exotic.

If you have a modern place, then you should definitely invest in trendy decor. This will help to make the home look valuable and fresh. A punchy looking room with angular Italian style furniture will certainly strike the eye of guests. It can also help to ensure that you make the most of your space.

Older trends used to be bulky looking and heavy feeling furniture. People are more mobile in this day and age and they tend to shy away from antique pieces that are too hefty to lift.

So size up your room and determine the theme that will suit it best. That is better than trying to make a room something that it is not.