Robot Vacuum

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I’ve always been curious about one of these things anyways my sister doing this talks back room and 980 will cost you the better part of this ground is it after something was worth buying does it keep your house clean and basically fenians how important is your time I mean I like him my house which she fair isn’t actually that big probably once a week but with the room but now it’s more like once a month you don’t even need to send off yourself you can program a schedule in the out I’ve got my robot which I called Steve for some reason doing the rounds every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 10 AM ‘s come up when he’s finished she does get put aside from MTN out once a week and punky I’m at the top of the stairs to do my upstairs is a very hands off experience of course ocean and cleaning power will vary depending on what brians you available I’m strong competition from the likes of the Dyson the benefits of the high spec model like this is you get the carpet cleaning mode so is great for different services it automatically goes into performance mode to text that carpet clean like that and using the bathroom quick it’s about 2 hours or single charge before it returns home to the docking stations about half an hour to do my kitchen and living room it maps out the space and seems to end up going in pools your actions but we got it takes fair play to it it does cover all the space and unlike the Dyson 360 I it’s all up to go into my server on my bed which is another handy advantage over traditional upright vacuum cleaner and wires and cables so worked up but now that I’m free and so far fingers crossed hasn’t chewed up or damaged anything no the moment I don’t have any pets I well I think this would definitely useful for regularly vacuuming cat or dog her I would be afraid what would happen if it drove through your pets let’s just say mess the other thing is that one who steve’s about to go off in his rounds I’ll sometimes move furniture out the way or try to clear as much floor space is possible so he can clean everywhere but then it myself well I may as well just do it myself if I’m already moving furniture about but on the whole I have to say I am convinced by the slight I watching price of th…. his business impressed by how we get so this talk own room