The best way to use your cleaver

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Is getting the other hand out the way basically yet can do some heavy-duty work you all you need to do is to set and then push through with your other hand just said it push through when the most difficult things use to cut through bone sometimes people do it they get on one side or the other instead of right down the middle where they wanna be you can do it with a chef’s knife although like I say that cleaver has a lot more heft it could do the job more efficiently so it’s kinda easy when you have a clear to separate gold set the cleaver first and then suit looking to split


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Multipurpose Kitchen Knives:

Born to cut for kitchen

Maintenance and Instructions:

Product Specifications:

POKALEE Professional Chinese Butcher Knife as the all-around cooking knife, it is ideal for daily kitchen tasks of chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing of all kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, and bread. Super sharp edges and perfect curvature meets all the chef’s requirements for the knife.

The 3rd generation protective bolster and triple rivets reinforce with non-slip handle feeling and combine with ergonomic design, even one-handed chopping meat with not spend any effort, with this 58 Rockwell Hardness plate chef knife, you can easily use this knife with the highest swing speed at 10 times a second to assure an effective and smooth kitchen work.

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✓ Be careful for the ultra-sharp cutter edge and eliminate directly hand touch.

✓ Clean the knife with soapy cloth after every use and keep it dry and safe.

✓ Hand washing is recommended yet safe for dishwasher.

✓ Hone the knife with honing steel every 2-3 months to maintain its sharpness.

Blade material: DIN1.4116

Handle material: Pakka Holz + 430 Stainless Steel

HRC(Rockwell Hardness): 58°

Knife total length:12Inch

Blade length:8Inch

Blade thickness:0.07Inch

Blade width:3.2Inch

Knife weight:12.34Oz