The Safeway to use the weed wacker an How to load the string onto the weed Wacker spool

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How to load the string onto the weed Wacker spool

Using a weed wacker may seem like a daunting task, but this isn’t the case. So long as one follows the below steps, they might find themselves enjoy using it. A weed wacker is used in maintaining one’s yard by cutting the overgrown grass. It is also known as the weed eater or trimmer.

How to use the weed Wacker

1. Always remember to put on all the necessary safety gear such as sturdy closed shoes, gloves, and safety eyeglasses. These are needed as debris could come flying through your eyes, and since the weed, wacker is a heavy tool it could cause sores at the palm of your hands.
2. The weed wacker should not be used for removing hard, and they could damage heavy objects as the nylon wire.
3. To start the weed wacker, one should pull 15 com of the wire out.
4. The tool should be held with one hand on the handle and the other on the trigger as it is the safest and comfortable way of holding it.
5. The weed should not be cut at once from the ground as this is a way of wasting cord. One should lower 2.5 cm of the head above the ground.
6. Depending on the direction the wire is spinning, the tool should be moved side to side at intervals of 0.30cm.
7. For effectiveness, one should strive to cut with nylon wire’s tip. This is done to prevent an overload on the tool.
8. To avoid dropping it, you should tilt the tool up to 90 degrees about the ground. A gap should be created between the surrounding plants and the surface by moving the spinning wire at par with the hard surface’s side.

How to load the string onto the weed Wacker spool

Weed whackers have been of great assistance to any type of yard work, but the only catch is that it takes a bit of time to string it. The good news is that below is a step by step guide that would help you with this challenge. This guide is ideal for those with weed whackers that have either one or two holes.

1. One should first go over the user manual as it usually indicates the type and size of the string that your model requires.

2. After that, you should unscrew the tabs or spool to release the spool. Some types of spools require one to actually altogether remove the nuts and put them back after you are done.

3. Depending on the size of the string, one should cut it to measurements that are between 15 to 26 feet. However, it is advisable to go for a longer dimension when in doubt and adjust it later. If there are two strings, you should make sure that they are all evenly cut to the same size.

4. Push half of the string through the hole that is located in the middle of the spool. This is to allow the string to be grabbed by the hole for loading. Remember to apply one at a time in case you have two strings.

5. To keep the string from tangling, you should wind it according to the instruction provided in the manual. A second layer can be formed if you want to so long as there is room for overlapping.

6. At the edge of the spool, clip the string onto the notch and later on replace the spool and pull its ends through the eyelets of the machine.
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