The sound system comes with Bluetooth wireless audio streaming option

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Are you a mobile DJ looking for a professional array speaker set to kill your audience’s ears? All you are hunting for is AKUSTIK 12 Inch 4000Watt Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set. This is a great sound system suitable for all your performances.


The sound system includes a vocally clear and strong speaker for superb quality sound and legendary bass. This is an excellent option for value. Indeed, this array of speakers are far better than some other expensive speakers.


Sound system specifications

  • Active and passive 2-way full range subwoofers
  • Two 12-inch subwoofers
  • Eight 4-inch and 1-inch array speakers
  • Two adjustable speaker stands
  • 16.7-feet speaker line
  • Six 14-inch speakon cables
  • Remote control
  • 20-feet and 8-feet 6.35+ speaker cables



  • Inbuilt Bluetooth: The sound system comes with Bluetooth wireless audio streaming option for instant pairing with your phone or laptop. You can enjoy limitless music options with enhanced comfort.
  • Deep stereo and clear sound: This sound system features multi-functions. Regardless of the volume you select, it remains a clear vocal with minimal distortion.
  • Remote control function: You can easily change modes, adjust volume, switch between songs, and play/pause audio. The remote control function is meant to give you an unparalleled experience.
  • Multi-functional: AKUSTIK sound system has 1000W RMS and 4000W power, making it an ideal choice for all-time performances. The speaker is suitable for large performances having around 1000 people and equally useful for small venue functions.
  • Adjustable speaker poles: These PA speakers come with telescopic poles to allow users to adjust the overall height between 68-86 inches for perfect acoustics.
  • LCD: With this sound system, you can easily recognize current mode from the large LCD display.
  • SD card and USB flash readers


AKSTIK sound system has everything for you to keep enjoy music. A distinct benefit of this system is that it comes with inbuilt handles for easy lifting and transporting.

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