Toilet paper

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I haven’t bought toilet paper in all of this virus situation so last week I went in the store and I said I would pick up a pack of toilet paper because I do not have at home I was in the bread section and I saw 2 rolls of toilet paper was hidden between the bread so I said this looks strange after I got my bread I went over to the toilet paper section there was a sign saying only one pack of toilet paper per customers, under shelf was clean there was no more toilet paper. So I realize that person that put that toilet paper there already had a pack on hit 2 more packs to pay for that one pack and come back in the store and get it next 2 or one so I just decided to go over there and pick up one pack and take it because I it wasn’t fair for that person. Tetete repacks when does store just allow in one pack. Please we do not need to get more on access items that we do not need at this time we need to leave for the autos, because the line to get into Walmart it’s like one and a half hour and then when you get in there the items are gone are hidden. Let us all please quapa rate adodo writing to help each other in this crisis. We will make it true we are overcomers!