Top 5 best shower head

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We breakdown the top 5 best rain shower heads that are available on the market I tried to make the list based on their popularity quality price durability user opinions and more if you need more information about these products please check the link in the description section below and make sure you subscribe OK so let’s get started with the video starting at number 5 spark pod shower head this is a high pressure shower head that is extra large to cover your body to give you a comfortable shower the head is easy to install where you can connect it to any standard shower arm within 5 minutes it has a removable water restrict are that is easy to install to help in water saving it comes with 90 antique logging silicone jets that remove the hard water deposits to enable you to feel the full force of your shower head the head comes at an affordable price and requires low maintenance so that it can offer you a good service at number 4 shower Max 6 in shower head the shower head has high pressure water flow of 90% ssion to give you a good soothing experience when showering it has self cleaning silicone nozzles with a brushed nickel finish that enhances maximum performance even when the water pressure is low has a shower head kit that includes everything you require for installation it is built of a quality abs material with inelegant nickel finish to make your shower head great for any bathroom ha an adjustable ball joint with flexible and easy adjustment to give you a perfect angle for your bath area to suit your needs at number 3 SR sunrise 12 inch rain shower head it hasn’t brushed stainless steel finish that makes the shower head complimentbath-showers-head ¬†with most bathroom styles the shower head provides water in a rainfall style to deliver a soothing experience when showering this is a 12 inch shower head equipped with spray nozzles that offer you a cool shower this shower head uses the powerful air energy technology that helps to provide powerful inconsistent rainshower even when the water pressure is low it is made of a quality stainless steel that is rust and corrosion resistant to enhance durability the head is easy to install without requiring tools or using much time at number 28 inch rainfall shower head the shower head is made of pure stainless steel that doesn’t rust wear off peel or corrocean installing this head will only take you minutes because no tools are required this shower head transforms your shower time to a great soothing experience you can enjoy the extra large spray nozzles that provide enough water spray that gets your body clean within minutes it has a swivel ball head enables you to adjust the angle of the shower head to suit your needs the head has silicone nozzles with 100 side to deliver consistent water finally at number 112 inch range shower head this is a large shower head that provides water with high pressure to cover your whole body for easy showering it combines the ultra thin air in technology that leads to strong and high pressure where this it is optimized for any water pressure the shower head is made of solid stainless steel that is rust resistant and durable to offer you long service it is built with a waterproof design a soft rubber gasket and teflon tape that help to prevent leakage