Comfort Zone CZTF329WT 29-inch 3-Speed Oscillating Tower Fan with Sturdy Base

Product description

3-Speed Fan Control – With three powerful output speeds, this Comfort Zone 3-speed oscillating tower fan can distribute a steady, consistent breeze for instant relief on hot, humid days. The low setting is great for circulating air in a stuffy, stale room, while the high setting can generate a powerful breeze to combat the heat. Featuring a front-facing dial, you can easily switch the output speed as needed.

Dynamic Oscillating Design – Equipped with an oscillation feature, this 3-speed tower fan rotates 65 degrees to create additional airflow. This can help to reduce the impact of humidity in a large room or provide fresh air to a stale, musty area.

Strong, Sturdy Base – Mounted to a large base, this quiet powerful fan is exceptionally stable. This will help prevent it from being knocked-over by children or pets who bump into it. Despite its 29″ height, the small footprint makes it ideal for tight office spaces or small rooms at home.

Powerful Fan Blades – Featuring high-performance centrifugal blades, this oscillating fan tower creates a higher-pressure airflow for increased relief from heat and humidity. The blades generate a strong breeze that can be pointed in one specific direction or oscillated to fill the room with a consistent breeze.

Quiet, Discreet Design – Although this 3-speed tower fan boasts impressive air output, the quiet motor helps minimize the impact of noise in your environment. This is ideal for home offices and public workspaces where loud noises may interrupt daily work. It is also suitable for in your bedroom, as the quiet motor will not disrupt your sleep cycle.

$59.99 $49.00


  • 3-SPEED OUTPUT: Easily switch between low, medium and high air output speeds with the front-facing dial to circulate air or generate a steady breeze.
  • OSCILLATING DESIGN: This quiet office fan is equipped with an oscillating function that offers 65 degrees of rotation to create a consistent breeze and help provide relief from heat and humidity.
  • STURDY BASE: Equipped with a large base, this 3-speed tower fan is extremely stable for reliable use wherever you place it.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE BLADES: Boasting high-performance, centrifugal blades, this oscillating fan tower emits a powerful, refreshing breeze that provides instant relief on hot summer days.
  • SPACE-SAVING FOOTPRINT: Despite its 29″ height, this quiet powerful fan has a minimal footprint, making it ideal for tight spaces and small offices where floor space is at a premium.