Hisense 55H8F 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV HDR10 (2019)

$599.99 $479.99


  • Hisense?s ULED technologies amplifies color, contrast, brightness and provides smooth motion? raising the bar for picture quality
  • Your favorite content is always front and center to binge-watch or pick up where you left off with Android TV
  • With the Google Assistant built in, you can quickly access entertainment, get answers, and control devices around your home?all with just your voice
  • Dolby Vision HDR + HDR10 provides high dynamic range which adds details, dramatic color, contrast and brightness. Spout Height- 16.73 inch. Spout Reach- 8.97 inch. Connection Size- 3/8 inch
  • Up to 60 full Array local dimming zones provides a higher contrast range and color accuracy
  • Wide color gamut delivers an expanded range of a billion+ colors to display a more lifelike picture
  • Motion Rate 240 eliminates lags for smooth motion so you can keep up with fast-action scenes
  • I couldn’t find any reviews online except for sneakily sponsored Youtube “reviews” at the time I bought this so I’m writing this to try to help others out. This tv physically looks very nice and is very light, which is always good for setup. You can make the stand narrow to fit on smaller tables which is a brilliant idea.

    The panel itself seems to be very good. It has wide color gamut, has HDR, and gets really bright. The screen seemed a little dirty. I could notice some annoying vertical lines when looking at a uniform color screen – like a sky when playing video games – but this may have been just my particular unit. Overall, they did an amazing job with the panel at this price.

    However, the software and firmware all just seemed very unfinished. The Android home screen personally is just too much for me. I don’t need all that when I turn my TV on. My old Roku TV seems like such a better tv interface. It is simple and easy. Android TV has rows and rows of different stuff and the input icon seems like an afterthought.

    The picture, while good, seems like it needs to be highly adjusted no matter what you’re using it for. The motion thing seems to always be turned on, youtube videos looked really jittery, and colors just always seemed to be off. I bought this primarily for Xbox One X HDR gaming, and I spent a lot of time just trying to get the picture right. The bad thing about this is that the settings menu is extremely complicated. You never know if you’re adjusting for just that mode or other modes, the menus are not intuitive, and the setting you want is probably greyed out because of the mode you happen to be in.

    The sound is very good for a TV and the theater effect is better than I expected – which was not much. But occasionally the TV just wouldn’t output and sound and I’d have to go back to the home screen and then back to the input to get it working again.

    The dealbreaker for me was the Game Mode (the mode that minimizes input lag from the controller) seems to be broken as of this writing. With it on the color banding was atrocious – definitely in HDR gaming and probably in SDR too. Areas of the screen that should gradually go from dark to light (like a dark sky or dark hallway shadow) instead transition in ugly bands of color. If I changed the setting to a normal HDR mode everything would be fine but the input lag would be noticeably high making it impossible to play. (I thought I was going crazy and tried every adjustment on my Xbox and TV to no avail – I finally found one owner on a forum stating the same problem which made me realize it was not just me.) Since the picture looks fine on non-game mode I’m assuming this is a software problem which can be fixed by Hisense in the future.

    Using this primarily as a gaming TV, I am now going to have to contact Amazon and try to return it, which should be fun with an item this large. Luckily Amazon usually has amazing customer service.

    To conclude, this TV is exactly what you should expect for the price. Amazing they were able to fit so much in for $500, but everything seems just a little off and rushed, like a few corners were cut everywhere. It does seem like almost all of my criticisms can be solved with software updates though, so my review may become outdated in the future. One comparison to help: my