ILIFE V8s, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mopping, 750ml Big Dustbin, LCD Display, Schedule Function, Strong Suction Power, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor to Medium Pile Carpet.

$229.99 $199.99


  • Vacuuming, sweeping and damp mopping all in one, handles dirt and grime with ease, maintain gleaming hard floors including hardwood, tile, laminate and stone.
  • Pure, high suction generated by a powerful BLDC motor through a specially designed port, making the robot completely tangle-free and easy for maintenance.
  • A large 0.75L dustbin holds more dirt, which enables the robot to make a long cleaning run and reduce the frequency of emptying.
  • With 6 cleaning modes, the V8s can take care of your different cleaning tasks, especially pet hair on hard surfaces.
  • 3-speed water dropping control makes mopping efficient and reliable. Tip: Cannot use the V8s on carpet when in the mopping mode. A 12-month warranty and U.S. customer service team provides you with peace of mind and great service.
  • This morning while I walked my dog (short-hair collie/lab mix, sheds), I turned my ILIFE v8s on. When I returned 40 minutes later, it was still working, but I paused it to empty the bin. The bin was full of dog hair. I used a double wooden chopstick (did not break them apart) to clear the debris from the bin. Simple to do! Plugged the bin back in, hit the pause/go button, and it took off to finish the work.
    I am so pleased with everything about this unit. It has a blower sound, but not as loud as my Dyson Pet vacuum cleaner. My dog is not spooked by it at all, he has stood near it, and it touched his leg and it turned and went around him.
    Just to have this unit to keep up with the dog hair is well worth it. I’ve not tried the mopping feature yet, will do so this weekend, perhaps.
    This is my first robot vacuum. The price was very reasonable, especially since it has the mopping feature along with vacuum. I have a few area rugs over hardwood and it does both surfaces very well. The brushes were totally clean even after picking up so much dog hair which tells me that the suction is very good.
    Thanks ILIFE for giving me back my vacuuming time!